In 2012, StarBright enjoyed success with their second exchange program in Vrygrond, South Africa. This time a group of three Early Childhood Professionals visited for six weeks, reconnecting with True North, Masikhule and Overcome Educare. Ann Ferguson, Judy Battle and Rachel Riley designed and implemented an arts based sensory rich program that connected the children and teachers to their local community and natural environment. They shared their time between the two crèches working with the children and teachers supporting education and strengthening relationships. The focus of the exchange was to provide the children in Vrygrond the same high quality educational experiences afforded to many children in Australia. To also support teachers to work with their limitations towards high quality education, to inspire children to become life long learners and to develop relationships built on mutual trust, respect and understanding.

StarBright also realised a dream they had nurtured for many years. They brought two teachers from South Africa to Australia to participate in a four week exchange and mentoring program focusing on sharing cross cultural perspectives and early childhood curriculum development. The preparations for this trip involved many people, over many years, working hard to raise money and build on existing and new relationships. This would not have been achieved without the support of our committee members, those who contributed financially and True North in South Africa. You can find out more information about StarBright’s 2012 exchange by visiting the blog

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