On July 26, 2012, committee member Paul Hoffman attempted to swim across the English Channel from England to France. It is something that he had always dreamed about doing since he was 14 years old and a volunteer lifeguard in Cape Town, South Africa. Now 26 years on he is living in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Wendy and 2 children Amber and Austin. As well as a life long dream the swim was also an opportunity to support and raise funds for the StarBright Learning Exchange. Although he didn’t make it all the way, he successfully raised nearly $8000 for StarBright that was an amazing effort. Not to mention the swimming!!!

Since coming back from the Channel Paul has continued swimming.  He completed the Melbourne Bloody Big swim in January 2013 (11,2km from Frankston to Mornington) and then the Rottnest Channel swim (19.7km from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. He has booked to have another tilt at the English Channel on a Spring tide that commences on the 28th July 2014.

We thank him profusely for this initiative and are baffled, yet glad, that he is planning on attempting this crazy life challenge again. Stay tuned for more details and fundraising events. Until then you can read more at www.paulschannelswim.com


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