About Us

  • StarBright Learning Exchange aims to support the early childhood community in the township of Vrygrond, located in Cape Town, South Africa. To achieve this we plan to build on the relationships already established with this community alongside our partners True North. (www.true-north.co.za) So far we have successfully implemented two exchange programs where Early Childhood Educators […]

  • StarBright Learning Exchange relies on fundraising events, membership fees and generous donations to continue our teacher exchange program and collaborative efforts with our connections in South Africa. To date we have held the following events: An Annual Golf Day A StarBright Learning Exchange Ball Pauls’ Channel Swim A Movie Night A South Africa Fundraising Evening […]

  • StarBright Learning Exchanges core focus is early childhood education and collaborating with communities on a global level to ensure that children everywhere can access quality care and education. Our commitment to quality early childhood education for children in Australia is as strong as our commitment to those children in South Africa. We believe that cross-cultural […]

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