BlueCross Residential and Community Care is a large aged care company which provides both residential and home care to over 3000 residents and clients, and has supported StarBright since 2006.

BlueCross has provided administrative support, significant donations and assistance with fundraising over the last 6 years. StarBright is supported by BlueCross staff members, both on the committee, and as members of the organisation. Carol Allen is the CEO and an executive director of BlueCross.

Sapphire Care


Sapphire Care Holding directors and shareholders have provided great support, donations and assistance in fundraising to StarBright since 2003.

The University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre


The University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre has supported StarBright Learning Exchange through hosting a variety of fundraising events and being involved in the Exchange Projects in both 2010 and 2012.

In 2010 they supported one of their teachers, Rachel Riley, to participate in StarBright’s pilot program. In 2012, their specialist Visual Language teacher, Ann Ferguson joined Rachel who went for a second time to participate in the exchange program. They held a fundraising night and raised nearly $5000 that went towards implementing the arts based program delivered in South Africa.

In 2012 they also hosted two South African teachers Miriam Solani and Lholho Lukubeni at the ELC. They welcomed them into their centre, embraced their culture and extended their pedagogical perspectives to reach new understandings. The ELC embraced all that the exchange had to offer in terms of cultural diversity, strengthening relationships and opening up global perspectives to their community. The ELC has expressed their interest in being involved in future exchange programs.